Welcome to The Oasis  homepage. We invite you to browse around our web site and see the unique ministry we have with students at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.

The Oasis exists to build a community of international and american students who share life together through relationship, resourcing, and personal renewal.

Our mission is to draw together a diverse group of students who will come together in relationship, sharing our common and unique stories and faith, finding ways to be a resource to one another, particularly to international students who may have unique needs we can help them meet in the cultural context of Muncie, Indiana and Ball State University.

What we envision this featuring:

The Oasis as a home away from home for any student.
We will have residents in the house that reflect cultural diversity.
Events at The Oasis and on Campus that are geared to draw international and american students together to exchange cultural ideas, food tasting, dinners, fun events, etc.
That all students who come feel that they are welcome and belong to a special, caring community.
Connect international students with American families in Muncie through the Ball State Friendship Family  Program
Provide opportunities for students to serve in mission/service work, both in Muncie and over Spring Break possibly in another state or country.
Computer and printing resources at The Oasis.

We believe that every student needs a place in the midst of their college experience to find renewal, to get away from the daily grind and pressures of college life, finding a place to rest, meet with friends in a safe environment, and have the support of fellow Christians and a campus pastor to be available to them for spiritual guidance as well as a listening ear.  Since many students come to college life with personal struggles, honest questions about life and spiritual needs, we also want students to find us to be a community of Christians and friends who are willing to walk with them through their questions and struggles in order to show them how Christ can restore all they feel is broken.

Finally, we want to be a ministry with students to help them explore and grow in their spiritual formation/discipleship. We want to help them re-form their spiritual lives so that their relationship with Christ and one another is a catalyst for them to act on their faith in their present environment and as they develop their leadership capabilities through their involvement in our ministry, other groups on campus, and even in local churches.  See the links below in our footer columns to see some organizations we affiliate ourselves with and opportunities for students to serve in mission opportunities both during the school year locally and opportunities for summer mission experiences.  

We hope you will feel free to come by The Oasis located at 1400 W. Abbott Street in Muncie, right off New York behind Worthen Arena to hang out with friends, study, have study groups meet there, work on a paper, have some meals with friends, and participate in activities, Bible Studies, retreats, and mission experiences throughout the school term.  Our yard features a Peace Pole (see picture to the left) that has been part of this ministry for many years.   This reflects our desire to participate in a worldwide movement to continually pray for peace and justice in our world.  For more details on the Peace Pole Project click on the linked title to go to their website.  We look forward to meeting you and being part of your life and faith during your college years.

Check out our  Events Page to see current information about what’s upcoming.