Student Housing

At The Oasis we see students who house with us as more than renters. We want the students who live at The Oasis to be part of an intentional Christian community of students who are committed to their spiritual growth through the opportunities offered through the ministry.

Although every student who participates in the activities of The Oasis can take advantage of the learning and mission opportunities, the residents, through an application process, covenant with one another and with the Campus Pastor to provide leadership and be intentionally immersed in this ministry.  We can house up to 4 students per school semester and summer housing is available since some residents may move out till the Fall/Spring Semester. We have two private rooms with a shared bathroom and a larger room on the other side of the house with a private bathroom. We have furnishings like twin beds, dressers, desks, and bookshelves available in each room already. The community space in the house includes a kitchen, several refrigerators, enough freezer space, a sitting

area to eat, fireplace, a hang out room, fenced in backyard, grill, some dishes and kitchen supplies, cable  TV, local phone service, Internet access (& Wi-Fi), student computer, printer, and more.

The community space is available not just to residents, but for any student involved in our ministry, their friends, and visitors who may need a place to hang out, get some studying done, or participate in a study group. We want our community space at to be a hospitable place for all.