How You Can Support The Oasis

The Oasis Campus Ministry can only exist as a missional presence at Ball State University through the generous financial, volunteer, and prayer support of individuals, churches, businesses and agencies who are wiling to walk with us in this ministry on behalf of college students. We can not pay the bills, make the house and our programs inviting to students, do maintenance and regular care of our facility, nor hire the staff we need without financial contributors and volunteer help.

We are so grateful for the financial, volunteer, and prayer support of so many of you who already believe in this ministry and our ongoing efforts to provide a place of spiritual formation, leadership development, and relationship with students, many of whom are far away from home, who need a Christian community to find connection, affirmation, and support among peers and leaders who genuinely care about them. We appreciate your gifts, your time, and the energy you have already devoted to this Ministry’s presence at Ball State.

If you are not already a donor, volunteer, or prayer supporter (or maybe you are and need a reminder or an update of information), here are some ways you can assist us at The Oasis:

1. Give a one time gift or monthly check made out to:
American Baptist Campus Ministry and send it to:

The Oasis
c/o Olya Cherevko
1400 W. Abbott Street
Muncie, IN 47303-2757

2. Give your contribution through the Ball State University Foundation.  This option might be good if you work for a business who matches contributions to Ball State and you can also receive a State Tax Credit. When giving through the BSU Foundation, you would write that check to Ball State University Foundation and
then designate that the contribution be credited to Account #7505 in the memo line. You would still mail it to us for initial processing. Contact us for a brochure and listing of businesses that offer matching contributions with The Ball State University
Foundation. (These funds must be used for student education and can not be used for our regular operating budget)

3. Your congregation can include us in your Mission giving budget that is sent to the ABCIN/KY or ABC Greater Indianapolis Offices through United Mission. You would need to designate this gift to the American Baptist Campus Ministry in Muncie.

4. You can also support The Oasis by volunteering to help us get needed work, renovation, repairs, etc., done around the house by sending mission teams during the spring or summer for a day. I would be happy to schedule these opportunities.

6. Churches can also have non-perishable food drives to provide for what is becoming a pantry for students at the house. This provides food for students to access for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as they have need, especially when their meal cards are low or they just run out of resources.  The Oasis kitchen and community spaces are open to any student to come make use of, not just the residents.

7. Finally, please make The Oasis a regular part of your prayers as we minister with students.  We need God’s strength, wisdom, and discernment as we reach out to a wide diversity of students.